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Thank you for considering NLand as your event venue!
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Please take the next few minutes to fill out the following questions to the best of your ability. We will ask you to provide details such as the number of people surfing, the wave(s) your group will be surfing, and more.

Please note our group requirements:
-- 12+ surfers on the Bay Wave
-- 12+ surfers on the Inside Wave
-- 5+ surfers on the Reef Wave
-- Entire East side of the lagoon
-- Entire West side of the lagoon
-- Entire lagoon

In order to be considered a group, you must meet at least one of these requirements. Otherwise, you will need to purchase sessions through the public booking domain.

Please note that we do not offer group discounts. This process is for those groups who would like a catered, customized service courtesy of NLand. Booking this way allows you to reserve sessions outside of the public booking window, and also gets you access to our exclusive group packages. For this opportunity, we do charge a pre-booking & handling fee for all group reservations.

If you are not interested in this service, you may purchase sessions through the public booking window.

For more information on what is or is not a group, please take a look at the FAQ's on the Group Events page.

What is your name? (First AND last) *

Please write your name. If this is a specific event or a corporate event, please include the company/event name in addition to your name.
What is the date of your event? *

Please note that we are currently only booking 60 days in advance.

If you have multiple date options, please include all of them. If you would like to surf for more than one day, please indicate this as well.

If you do not have a specific date, please indicate if you would prefer a weekday or a weekend.
How would you classify your event? *

What time of day are you looking to surf? *

How many sessions are you looking to surf? *

Sessions are just under an hour long.
Tip: Most NLand surfers (Reef surfers included) are winded after two sessions.
If you are looking to surf multiple days, please indicate the number of sessions per day.

What is the total number of surfers that will be in your group?

A description of our waves (please read):

NEW FOR 2017 - Boogie Bay: A dedicated area for beginners who want to start off on boogie boards, or for those wishing to learn a new skill.

Bay Wave:
 Playful whitewater wave. Recommended for new surfers, beginner surfers, and juniors (children aged 8-14).

Inside Wave:  Knee- to waist-high wave with sections of an open-face. Recommended for intermediate surfers, longboarders, and those looking to perfect tricks and turns.

Reef Wave: Steep, high performance wave with a 35-second ride. Recommended for experienced surfers and professionals only. If you are an intermediate surfer, we do not recommend surfing the Reef Wave.

Please note that the Bay and the Inside Waves are now on opposite sides of the lagoon. The Bay is the East side and the Inside is the West. If you would like your group on both the Bay and Inside Waves, they will not be surfing on the same side of the lagoon.

The Reef Wave holds a maximum of 10 surfers, split in half by a pier.
Half of the Reef holds a maximum of 5 surfers.

Please include any additional details here.

What is the surf experience of your group?

Will there be juniors surfing in this group? *

Juniors are surfers aged 5-14.
Please note that all juniors need to share a wave with an adult or accompanied by an NLand Surf Coach.
Juniors under the age of 8 must be accompanied by one NLand coach per child.
No children under the age of 5 are permitted to surf at NLand.

Are you interested in coaching for your group? *

Are you interested in a package? *

Reef Wave only packages include: Demo boards, restaurant meals, and NLand hats
Bay, Inside and multi-wave packages include: Coaches, restaurant meals, NLand hats, reserved tent & reserved group space

Additional items can be added upon request

Are you interested in any of the following amenities? *

Shore Passes are for guests who wish to attend the event but do not want to surf.
Demo boards are our high-performance boards and are for Reef surfers only.

If you have any additional questions or special requests, please include them here.

Leave blank and hit "Enter" if you do not have any questions or special requests.
If this is a large-scale event that you would like to co-host with NLand, please submit an event proposal or event details to, and then proceed with this form.

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