Group Reservations
Thank you for considering NLand as your event venue!
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Please fill out the following questions to the best of your ability.
If you cannot answer them at this time, please write
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What is your name? (First AND last) *

Please write your name. If this is a specific event or a corporate event, please include the company/event name in addition to your name.
How would you classify your event? *

What is the date of your event? *

If you have multiple date options, please include all of them. Please note that NLand will not be open during the month of April.
What time of day are you looking to surf? *

How many sessions are you looking to surf? *

Sessions are just under an hour long.
Tip: Most NLand surfers (Reef surfers included) are winded after two sessions.

How many surfers will be in your group?

What wave(s) are you looking to surf, and how many surfers per wave?

Options are Bay, Inside, Reef, half lagoon or whole lagoon.
Please note that the Reef holds a maximum of 10 people.
You are only considered a group if you have at least 12 Bay or Inside surfers OR
At least 4 Reef surfers
What is the surf experience of your group?

Will there be children surfing in this group? *

Children are surfers aged 8-14.
Please note that all children need to be accompanied by an NLand surf coach.
Are you interested in coaching for your group? *

If yes, how many surfers will need coaching?

If you would not like coaching, leave blank and hit "enter".
Are you interested in a package? *

Reef Wave only packages include: Demo boards, restaurant meals, and NLand hats
Bay, Inside and multi-wave packages include: Coaches, restaurant meals, NLand hats, reserved tent & reserved group space

Additional items can be added upon request

Questions or special requests?
(Demo board rentals, shore passes, can I bring a birthday cake, etc.)

If you have special requests, please be specific by writing both the item and the quantity.
Shore Passes are for those who would like to enter the park but do not want to surf.
Leave blank and hit "Enter" if you do not have any questions or special requests.
If this is a large-scale event that you would like to co-host with NLand, please submit an event proposal or event details to, and then proceed with this form.

All quotes are sent over email. However, if you would also like to discuss your reservation over the phone, please enter your phone number.

If email is your preferred method of communication, please leave this question blank and hit "enter".
Thank you for your time!

Please note that NLand does not have an opening date scheduled. While we are still on track for a Spring opening (likely early May), we cannot guarantee your group reservation availability until we have a definitive opening date. By continuing with your quote submission, you confirm that you are aware of this, and that NLand does not bear any responsibility for potential travel plans.

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